Roofs and Writing

Time for an update, I guess… 

First thing: I’m no longer homeless! *happy dance* (Well, mostly not homeless. I have a roof and a bed and a key of my own to get in, though I still only have a week’s worth of clothes and some toiletries to tide myself over until I can get my things back from where they’re being stored.) 

There’s still a lot that needs to be done in terms of getting settled and recovering emotionally and financially from the ordeal, but just knowing I have a place to stay again has lifted a huge weight from my mind. And, more importantly, has loosed the reins on my Muse and let her run wild. As in, wilder than she was running even before, and in the best way.*

*Some credit here is due to Brandon Sanderson and the first two books in his series The Stormlight Archive. I was reading them when things fell apart and as they started coming back together, and the storytelling was indescribably inspirational. 

Anyway, in the past few days I’ve been able to get back to work on the short story I’ll be submitting at the end of the month. It’d been about a month since I’d touched it, and there were weak scenes and issues with it I knew I was going to need to deal with, so I was, to put it lightly, nervous. But that first day after having a stable roof again, as I put pen to paper, I got glimpses of images and flashes of insight—answers my Muse sent to the many questions I needed answered, and answered fast—and the story clicked in my mind. 

It’s not done yet, but at this rate should be finished by week’s end  And, more importantly, I know where the story is going, and why. And I like it, which is a rare thing for me to say of my work during its first draft. 

Writing has been fun again. For that, and my roof, I am so grateful. 

—end update—


Being homeless sucks

I’m not going into the details of how I lost my housing situation, except to note that it was completely out of my control, and came with no warning. 

Nights aren’t so bad. I’m still employed, I’ve got great friends, and the situation is temporary (although just how temporary, I have no idea), so couch surfing has been easy enough. (I even got to sleep in a bed the other night. It was great.)

It’s the other things that suck. Sweltering in too many layers of clothing, because I can’t just leave my jacket(s) at home. Having nowhere to go and nothing to do during the day (I work evenings). Not getting to shower as often as I’d like. Missing my cats, who are thankfully being pet-sat until I can provide them with a home again. Not being able to write, because even though I have a pen and paper, I can’t bring myself to do it with the lack of a roof looming over my head. The feeling of guilt when I crash at a friend’s place, and feel like I’m putting them out, even if they insist I’m not. 

Worst of all is knowing that this is a reality so many people have to put up with for much longer than I will, and under even more trying circumstances. 

It’s been a while

A lot longer than I realized, actually, until logging in today. 

Been dealing with a lot of writer’s block, much of it caused by personal and familial issues, which isn’t helped by the dreary winter weather. 

But I’m back on the ball now—or, at least, still climbing back on instead of letting myself slide off again. Got a short sci-fi story in the works that’ll be finished in March and published in an anthology later on. Will get back to work on my novel-in-progress once that’s done. And I’ll be blogging regularly again, about writing and whatever else comes to mind. Shooting for a post a week, every Wednesday, at least until I get back in the groove. Oh, and I’ll be redesigning the site soon, if I can find the time. 

That’s all I have for now. Winter weather’s still getting to me. I’ll leave you with this, from perhaps my favorite modern poet, Rupi Kaur:


I Took The Leap

And I’m shaking with excitement.

I’ve wanted to write since before I can remember–it’s one of the very few constants in my life. What I wanted to “do” for a living always bounced around, and was generally more “practical,” because I’ve rarely had self-confidence as a writer.

But that’s been changing recently, over the past year especially.

Not my insecurities–those abound still. But my commitment to making the effort anyway. To making time for writing every (or almost every) day. To stop making excuses for myself. To work to get better. To work to get good enough that I produce work that people want to buy. To build enough self-worth that I don’t feel guilty asking for money for my stories, because I put lots of time and blood and sweat and tears into them, and if someone gets value from that, I don’t want to feel guilty for thinking that I deserve to be compensated for that value. To make my life meaningful to me, and, in doing so, hopefully brighten the lives of others with the stories I create. To live the life I want for myself, joyfully and unapologetically.

Because in doing so, I become the best and happiest version of myself–and thus the best person I can be for the world, for my potential readers, and, most importantly, for my loved ones.

So what’s the leap that I’ve taken?

Today, I bought Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula, through the affiliate link from Holly Lisle (so that I’ll also get author-specific bonus marketing content for Jeff’s course from her).

If you want to run your own online business–either as an indie author like myself, or in a more traditional market–I suggest you take a look. Registration for the course closes in about 8 hours (11:59 PST), and so far it looks amazing. I can’t recommend it without reservation (yet) because I haven’t completed it. But Jeff’s success and the success of his students speaks for itself–and, if you know her, you know that a recommendation from Holly Lisle does not come lightly.

By this time next year, I’ll have finally finished my revision on Wingless and launched it to the public, and my next book–as yet untitled–with be prepping for its own launch, if it’s not there already.

I haven’t been active here on the blog much because I’ve been so focused on writing, but I’ll be around more now that I’ve quit my second job (which was another leap of its own, and will probably get its own post soon). I will keep you updated on the revision, my new WIP, and how Jeff’s course is going for me, along with general posts that I think you’ll find interesting. (Although specifics about what Jeff teaches will, of course, be withheld–he puts work into his courses, and I won’t be giving away freely what he deserves payment for.)

I hope you stick around on the journey with me. And if you’re following me for my stories, not updates like this–rest easy. Remember the blog hop? It’s going to be a quarterly thing now, so I’ll have another free story for you in November–as well as links to more free stories from more fantastic authors.

Writing is my passion, writing for a living is my dream, and I’m sorry for the long post, but I’m just so excited to be finally taking this to the next level and working actively towards my dream instead of just sitting on my ass hoping people will find my work.

So, what’s your dream? And how are you going to work to make it happen?

(That isn’t rhetorical, by the way. I’d really like to know, and I’d really like to see you succeed. Because I know I’m happier when I work towards and accomplish my goals, and I want to see a world in which everyone does the same, and experiences that same indescribable joy.)

Cheers, and please leave a comment below. I’ve been sharing enough of my story, I’d love to hear yours. ;P


Body Double

SFF Bloghop

It’s blog hop time! My piece is short, a flash-fiction story clocking in at exactly 500 words. I’m pretty nervous to share it, and super excited to read the rest of the stories in the hop. Anyway, without further ado, I present Body Double.

Disclaimer: This story features mild references to violence.


I gazed out the glass wall of my apartment, trying to admire the skyscraper-studded view while ignoring the sounds of the 127th Academy Awards streaming behind me.

I didn’t know why I’d even turned it on—but as the level of wine in my bottle fell, so did my resolution not to watch it.

When they prepped to announce the winner for Best Actress, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I polished off the bottle, walked over, and plopped myself on the couch in front of the screen.

“Lucia Dioskour!”

The video cut to an image of my twin in red dress, beaming stupidly with equal parts shock and delight.

Getting awarded for my work.

Her speech, complete with crocodile tears, didn’t include a single mention of me.

Come morning, I woke to the sound of someone banging on my front door. Bleary-eyed and hungover, I got up from the couch and walked over, not bothering to check my appearance—or the peephole—first.

When I flung open the door, Lucia stood before me, looking airbrushed as usual. Though we’d shared a face since birth, somehow Lucia always looked better. And she never let me forget it.

Lucia appraised me with her eyes and smirked. “Hello, Kassia. May I?” she asked.


I tried closing the door, but she pushed against it. I wanted to slam it on her hand and break a few of those manicured fingers. Instead, I relented, and she strode inside. She seated herself at the head of my dining table and chewed on the end of her scarf, a habit she’d picked up in our childhood specifically to irritate me.

“You didn’t come support me last night,” she said, after I finally took a seat.

“I can’t imagine why not.”

“Oh, don’t be bitter—it’s not a good look on you. And there’s really no reason to be upset. ”

“Seriously? That award is mine.

“Please,” she said, waving her hand.  “So I got sick, and you covered me for a couple shots—“

“Try a couple weeks.

“—I did all the real work.”

“You’re joking. You weren’t even in the scenes people are raving about, or the clips they played last night.  That was all me!”

Lucia rolled her eyes. “Don’t give yourself so much credit. You’re good, Kassia. But I’m better.”

“Even if that were true—which it’s not—that doesn’t mean you can steal my work! I’m not asking you to give everything up, just to give me some credit. Do I not deserve that?”

She shrugged. “Look. The film industry doesn’t need two of us, and you just don’t have that je ne sais quoi that celebrity requires. I do. I won’t apologize for that.”

I don’t remember strangling her—if I used my bare hands, or that stupid scarf of hers.

I do remember stringing her up and staging it as my own suicide, complete with note.

And I’ll always remember the thrill of polishing my Oscar for the first time.


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Get Ready for a Blog Hop!

So, I’ve been gone for a while. Months, actually. I’ll keep my explanation brief, mostly because I don’t want to go into it much.

Mid-spring, some things came up in my personal life that made it impossible for me to write, or do much of anything, really. Shortly thereafter I picked up a second job, which has been eating at my time, as my total working hours sometimes reach 70 a week. Then, to top that all off, I’ve been moving. So needless to say I haven’t had time for much.

I haven’t been writing, either for the blog (obviously) or for my fiction, which I hate. But now that I’m more used to having two jobs, and I’m nearly done unpacking, I’m determined to make a huge comeback. I’ve got this novel that I’m just itching to write, and I’m so excited to have the time to work on developing and writing it.

In the meantime, get ready for a blog hop! On Wednesday, the 26th of August, about fifteen other writers and I will be posting a single flash fiction piece or short story each. So that means new work from me (my favorite flash I’ve ever written, entitled Body Double), plus new authors for you to discover! (: