What I’m Writing

On November 3rd of last year, I typed up the final words of my novel Wingless… well, the draft, that is. As my first novel, it still needs work. A lot of it. And I’ve been putting off revision for nearly a year, because I haven’t been courageous enough yet to go back through it (what if I hate it?).

And, while I set Wingless aside, I started working on some flash fiction. One of those stories, Burnt Flesh, you can find on my blog for free here.

Currently, I’m working going through Holly Lisle’s novel-writing course How To Think Sideways while I work on my second novel, which is unnamed as of yet. It’s got an awesome magic system, fantastic creatures, and a story I’m heavily drawn to, so I’m itching to get it down on paper–but the course is teaching me a lot also, and right now the two are working in tandem, so finishing the first draft may take a little longer than I’d like.


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