What I’m Watching

As part of the writing goals I set for myself for this month (and those upcoming), I’m trying to watch a lot less television. Every show I watch is one less story that gets written. And, for me, a good show is like a bag of chips–I can’t stop after just one.

That being said, the complete series of both Friends and Gilmore Girls are now on Netflix. Need I say more?


One thought on “What I’m Watching

  1. I am just about to embark on Gilmore Girls with my daughter. She was shocked I agreed (and so was I), but i watched enough of them with my wife to know that I don’t hate them, and it’s about the time spent together, not the show!

    Friends, on the other hand, I LOVE. Have watched them all with my son over the years; and my wife. Trying to keep my daughter away from it just a bit longer. She’s old enough, but no need to rub her face in some of the lifestyle choices in that show! 🙂


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