Being homeless sucks

I’m not going into the details of how I lost my housing situation, except to note that it was completely out of my control, and came with no warning. 

Nights aren’t so bad. I’m still employed, I’ve got great friends, and the situation is temporary (although just how temporary, I have no idea), so couch surfing has been easy enough. (I even got to sleep in a bed the other night. It was great.)

It’s the other things that suck. Sweltering in too many layers of clothing, because I can’t just leave my jacket(s) at home. Having nowhere to go and nothing to do during the day (I work evenings). Not getting to shower as often as I’d like. Missing my cats, who are thankfully being pet-sat until I can provide them with a home again. Not being able to write, because even though I have a pen and paper, I can’t bring myself to do it with the lack of a roof looming over my head. The feeling of guilt when I crash at a friend’s place, and feel like I’m putting them out, even if they insist I’m not. 

Worst of all is knowing that this is a reality so many people have to put up with for much longer than I will, and under even more trying circumstances. 


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