General Update

Hello there!

I haven’t disappeared, I promise. But I did quit smoking cold-turkey when I woke up on January 1st.

Since then, I’ve been feeling fantastic. Food tastes so much better now, I can breathe

But I’ve also been feeling awful. I’m fatigued all day long, but when I do sleep I wake up every hour or so. When a craving hits, nicotine is all I can think about, sometimes for hours (though that’s getting better now). And don’t even get me started on the headaches.

Anyway, withdrawal is a bitch. One that’s made it exceedingly difficult to write anything at all.

I’ve been trying to push through regardless. It’s been slow going, but I am moving along, and that’s what matters. Finished another flash fiction draft–though I’m not sure how much I like the piece (and I’m not sure how much my withdrawal is influencing my opinion of it).

And, once I’ve finished writing each day, I haven’t had the energy to blog as well.

But I’m trying to stop letting myself get away with making excuses for not doing the things I set out to accomplish, so that’s going to change.  I’ll be posting to my blog every Thursday (and hopefully more, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves) starting with this post right here.

See you around!


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