I find introductions awkward, so I’m gonna try to blaze through this blog’s introduction quickly.

I’m Paula, and the purpose of this blog is primarily to track my journey pursuing my childhood dream of writing for a living. I’m partial to fantasy, science fiction, and anything with a dash of the surreal, but truly I read a little bit of everything. Besides books, I love my two cats, my wonderful boyfriend, changing my hair color every few months, music, singing (so long as no one can hear me), traveling to places new and old, and trying to draw and paint–so expect some of those things, and others, to feature as well from time to time.

As a student of many of Holly Lisle’s writing courses, I’m currently participating in her “Ugly Baby Writing Challenge”, with the objective of getting paid for my writing so that I can eventually quit my day job and make a living doing what I love. My big writing goal for the month of December is to create a five-story flash fiction anthology. As it stands, I’m about a quarter of the way through with it. You can expect updates on the project periodically, and at least one of the stories will be available for free here on my blog once the whole thing’s finished.

I hope you stick around for the journey.


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